How long will my translation take?


Every project is unique. The turnaround time will depend on many factors, including the number of words in the source text, the level of complexity of the text and the format.


How much will my translation cost?


As every project is unique, the easiest way to know the final price is to send your document(s) by email to alex@antennatranslations.com. I will then send you a detailed quote.



How can I get a quote?


Via the contact form or by sending an email to alex@antennatranslations.com.


How can I pay?


Payment is accepted in euros, pounds and US dollars via PayPal, Transferwise or bank transfer.



Do you offer any discounts?


New customers automatically receive a 5% discount on their first translation. A 50 % upfront payment is required of new customers.



What is a CAT Tool?


A Computer-Assisted Translation tool, often abbreviated to CAT tool, is a computer program that helps translators translate more efficiently and accurately. It divides the text to be translated into segments, reducing the translation time and improving accuracy.


Will you inform me about the progress of the project?


Of course! You can send me an email at any time and I’ll let try to respond to your query as soon as possible.