Fashion and Cosmetics translation: A Guide


Fashion and cosmetics are industries that rely on translation. Nowadays, products are transported through many different countries before they are sold to the consumer. The internet has made it possible for consumers to buy clothing from any country in the

How to Translate Your Website: A Practical Guide


If your site doesn’t have a way to translate its content, you’re missing out on a potentially huge audience. Read on to learn how to translate your website in a few simple steps. Current estimates state that over 360 million people

10 Spanish Words that are Difficult to Translate into English

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Everyone has heard the phrase “lost in translation,” but only people who speak multiple languages know how it really feels. It can be incredibly frustrating to have the perfect word to describe a phenomenon in one language but be forced

What is SEO Translation and Why is it so Important?

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SEO translation is defined as the translation of website content into another language while maintaining targeted SEO optimization.   Also known as multilingual SEO, it essentially helps your business to appeal to a broader market within the global digital sphere.

5 Benefits Of Translating Your Website Into English

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You have an online business. You invest time and effort into creating quality content that will attract new visitors to your website, but your sales have stagnated. Does this situation sound familiar? Don’t worry, as there is a solution for